Tips Before Attending Your First Class

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Hot yoga is a great way to calm the mind, deeply stretch, boost heart rate and detoxify, but there are a few things you'll need to know before walking into your first hot class.

Our Barkan classes are heated to 105 degrees and warm classes are at 85 degrees. All our classes are open to all levels and instructors will offer modifications when needed and always offer props to assist in proper alignment. Barkan classes are generally a set sequence that may vary by day or even time of day and our vinyasa classes are inventive free flowing classes that vary from instructor to instructor, always offering a fun and sweaty good time.

Whichever class you choose, you will leave class with a sense of calm, well being, and strength. The following are some things you will definately need to know when taking a hot class.

1.  BRING TOWELS - You will need a small to medium towel for your face and or body, you will sweat ALOT.  Also, bring a towel for your mat.  Make sure that your mat towel is long enough to fit your mat.  You can use a regular beach towel but with a consistent hot practice, you may want to invest in a hot yoga mat towel.  Hot yoga mat towels offer grippy underside that will keep towel onto mat without slipping.  

2.  Hydrate! - Make sure you drink plenty of water the day before, day of and continue to hydrate through out the day afterclass.  The key to a great hot yoga practice is to stay hydrated to avoid feeling seriously awful.

  You will sweat more than you have probably sweat before, working every muscle, organ and tissue.  Try to avoid chugging water during class, small sips during class is best to avoid stomach ache.  You will be doing some crazy tough work detoxing, stretching, raising your heart rate for a great cardio workout and learning some relaxation  techniques that will benefit you not only on the mat but also off the mat.  Coconut water is a great natural way to rehydrate.

3.  Listen to your body - Regardless what's going on during class, it's your body and if something just doesn't feel right then don't do it.  It's not a competition and you work at your own pace working towards your intention.  Don't worry about  what anybody else is doing because everyone has their own journey.  Also, keep in mind that everyone will be sweaty  and working just as hard as you.  If at any point during class you feel the need to rest, do it.  Lay on your mat and focus on your breathing and just relax.  There's no judging so if the first few classes are spent laying on the mat, cool. As long as you show up then half the work is done.

4.  Wear appropriate clothes -  No need for fancy expensive clothes (but if you have those, cool).  You can wear long leggings and a sports bra or form fitted shorts and tank.  Guys, avoid wearing loose fitting shorts because you will be stretching and bending all over your mat.  Fitted breathable clothes is key.

5.  Eat light before class -  Try to eat two to three hours before class to avoid practice on a full stomach, you will get sick. Instead, a light snack will do.

6.  Arrive early -  Make sure you give your body time to acclimate to the high temps.

7.  NO cell phones on studio floor during class for safety and distraction-free purposes. Disconnect for respect of the group.  

8. PARKING- Please park in our lot to its full capacity, then park on the street PLEASE be considerate try not to block anyone's driveway or exit/entry walkway.  Please be considerate of our neighbors.